Thursday, April 2, 2015

Victoria Gets In Her First Beef


Since Vic was signed to PSR mid last year she's been one of the one's who hasn't been involved in any beefs. Yes she was in a sorta beef with Ari before they both signed to PSR, but  that was blown up way bigger then it was, but today a new beef is circulating and its between her and Amber Rose. Amber has been in headlines alot recently, she called out the Kardashians, mainly Khloe and Kylie, remember their super hot twitter war a little while ago? and she's been talking mess about pretty much everyone, from Ye, to Tyga, to Breezy and even B. But today we see she has issues with Vic as well, and its due to a reason that's NONE of her business. Its been a rumor that Vic is having surgery on her lips to make them more plump and juicer which we have noticed in recent pics, and Amber posted "Why are all y'all going the plastic way, can't love what God gave you? Kylie, Kim, Vic Tori what's wrong what y'all broads, if y'all lips were fucked before, its even more fucked now" Vic responded and posted "I'm a "woman" who has class and started my career from the bottom and worked my way up with serious hard work, you're a "girl" who was stripping at 15, on drugs by 16, had 3 abortions by 17 and slept your way to the top with almost every rapper, hmm any comparison there, you don't even have the privilege to put my name in your mouth boo #Amber" Amber quickly responded and obviously she was offended "I'm sick of all y'all dumb bitches pulling that stripper shit out, who cares, its old news drop it, at least I didn't have to fuck my way to be on kiddie Nickelodeon shows" Vic responded "The only person that fucked their way anywhere is you babygirl so do not try and replace your actions and put them on someone else, who are you again, oh you're known as the #THOT of the music game, what am I known as? Think about that, that says alot" They continued a twitter war for over 35 minutes and it suddenly ended and they both signed off. Looks like its another beef popping off, how exciting. Click here to view their Twitter war.....


johnny1 said...

Yeah well vic has a point tho amber is only famous for fuckin big names ye memphitz breezy I can keep going she only picking on people now cuz she falling off tryna get back on the Top how about having some talent but she has none so she gotta beef with royal people makes sense huh

johnny1 said...