Sunday, April 12, 2015

NiNi Into Politics? + Suing Manager For Financial Downfalls

Word on the street is that NiNi is being considered for election as the female Governor of Georgia. Not too weird considering that the Terminator was elected as Governor as California so obviously celebrities can be elected as a Governor a president or pretty much whatever else, but is NiNi on board with this? The state senate office passed a vote today that says that over 80% of the state of Georgia want her as their new Governor since their current one's term is up. If NiNi agrees she will be up against another female who is running for the spot and seriously objects to NiNi running saying "Is this what  this world is coming to, just people random people off the street to be the ruler of an entire state, her profession is in music not politics, its ridiculous" But NiNi may not be even be interested in being a Governor as she posted Me??? in politics??? That's like putting on a meat suit in front of a lion, yeah, dumb idea #noway" But still, the fans and residents of Georgia are insisting that she run as they really want her, but seems like NiNi isn't going for it, or will she? Would you people like NiNi to be your new Governor? In other news, speaking of NiNi, its said that she is suing her manager of 7 years for embezzlement, which is stealing money and altering documents that appear to make her seem to be collecting less money then she is supposed to. The supposed lawsuit states she is suing for fraud, embezzlement, lost revenue and other unspecified damages in the amount of 650 million dollars as well as a lost performance worth 200,000 dollars. Johnny has of course denied all of her allegations. Johnny and NiNi have been having problems lately and recently they were spotted backstage before a show arguing and she was waving a piece of paper in his face, maybe that's when she began finding out what he's really been up to. Sources say he was fired as her manager day before yesterday and then she opened a lawsuit against him, he still continues to deny these allegations she's making about him. Stay tuned folks.....

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