Friday, April 17, 2015

NiNi's Choreographer Quits + NiNi And Meek Engaged?


15 Kt 50,000 Ring
NiNi's longtime Choreographer Niyates Turbo (yeah weird name) has resigned from his position as head choreographer to NiNi. Niyates is responsible for the incredible moves NiNi does on stage and in music videos as well as other artists such as Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey among many others. He was also responsible for the big "Queens Run The World" world tour with NiNi and B and he choreographed all the moves you saw on that 2 year tour so the man is amazing. But unfortunately, he left, and it is unknown why, but sources report that it wasn't on a business level, as in NiNi hard to work with or something like that, and sources even say NiNi cried when he left, but the source didn't report why he actually left, so we assume its a personal reason. He has been with her since first signing with Columbia Records back in early 2007 so he's been with her for the better part of 8 years now, and many fans are also sad to see him leave. But NiNi is now looking for a new choreographer to join her as she says "I think I'm a pretty good dancer, but you can never be the best unless you work with the best and its still so much I want to learn, its new dances everyday and I want to be apart of that" Please note that NiNi is not looking for unsigned choreographers to join her,  only well established ones so if you're looking to get famous,......keep looking. In other news, is Nick engaged to Meek? After Meek threw serious shade at Nick's ex, she posted a pic of a huge heart shaped diamond ring, similar to Gaga's engagement ring and also similar to Beyonce's engagement ring, just more colorful. She captioned the pic "YAY" Although neither one has officially confirmed it, you know what they say, "a pic is worth a thousands words", and that's all the word we need. Nicki and Meek have denied any requests for comments regarding that subject but they both responded to a rumor separately today that's been floating round' regarding NiNi. Nicki said 'No I love Nisha man come on what kinda question is that (laughs) (she was asked if she has issues with Nisha) Me and her are tight we just have the usual sisterly type issues at times but we always got love that's like my sis and I know I'm hers too" Meek said "Nah nah, homegirl cool as a motherfucker though, she gets me on my shit......look y'all look at it like, " this nigga getting yelled at, nah that's her way to get us motivated and it works, I sold over 500 million records under her wing, the woman is a genius man,  ain't no ill feelings there dude its always love word up" (He was on a local radio station and was asked "So Meek I heard you and NiNi beefing, that true?) Back to the engagement thing though, that huge rock on her finger says they may be engaged, but of course, sometimes couples buy each other things just because.......and that includes rings too, so until they officially confirm or deny their engagement, we have no idea what's what. Stay tuned..... In unrelated news, Ariana is not to be messed with, during a show in London last night a fan called her out during a break where no music was playing and the fan called out that she looks fat and she needs to focus on her music career more and stop being on Big Sean's nuts, and she snapped back with the middle finger and mumbled "fucking asshole" The crowd cheered loudly for that and the fan was looking shocked. Looks like its time for us to start taking Miss Ari seriously huh. Click here to view what happened at her show last night.....

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