Saturday, April 18, 2015

NiNi Drops New Video, It Comes With Controversy + Thousands Overcharged For Latest Show

Today a new video has dropped for Selfie" NiNi's newest song which features Breezy. The video is cool and extra bright due to the constant flashes throughout it, and it features Insta heavily (as usual) and has many extras in it. This is one of NiNi's first videos since maybe early 2013 that has no dark Illuminati crap in it and that's nice to see in over 2 years. But fans are reacting because they say that Breezy and the queen were getting just a little too close in several scenes and no one thinks they make a cute couple and feel that she and him both disrespected BEITH and fans of him are pissed, but NiNi addressed that posting "We were what??close???  what the hell does that mean, is that y'all definition of "close"???? If you want close check out "Only Girl In The World" (which is the very intense video where her and husband have "sex" from the album '24") Was it like that??? If not then shut the fuck up!!!" Breezy also responded to the people attacking the video saying "Fuckers its just a damn video wtf like chill down with all dat, its just like acting it ain't real, half of y'all older then both of us put together and y'all still don't know that man, get a damn life and stay off social media with your BS" The video premiered on BET at 11am this morning and most people agree that besides the "close' scenes, its a very dope and well put together video and we agree. Click here to check out the new video for "Selfie" by NiNi Ft  Breezy. In other news, the legendary trio N T and C were in NJ yesterday at the IZOD center in East Rutherford. Many people are now complaining that they were overcharged and paid double for their tickets. One woman reports that she paid with her card at the ticket counter for the 356.00 seats which is mid row, and she was charged 2 charges of $356 which is 712.00. Out of all 78,000 fans in attendance last night, all 78,000 of them (which is all of them) got charged double, the ones who paid front row which was 2,000, got charged double which was 4,000. Some accuse NiNi of illegal business practices since technically, the money DOES go to her, but her real N's are threatening to sue the ticket people, and sources close to NiNi says she has nothing to do with the setting of prices for tickets or how credit cards get charged. Sources close to her also report that they will be looking into this situation and will hopefully provide a solution. Speaking of their show, the tree killed NJ last night. Click here to check out footage from their insane explosive performance.....

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