Saturday, April 4, 2015

NiNi Hits Mexico And The Love Is Huge

Nini hit up Mexico today to sign autographs before the trios show tonight down there.  China and Tinashe were not with her, but they didn't need to be as the Mexicans showed her more love then she ever seen. Non stop hugs kisses on cheeks and they even gave her gifts which she denied accepting politely at first but in Mexican custom, it is their tradition to give gifts to extremely important people.  Not wanting to disrespect their tradition she accepted the gifts, but later on said she feels bad because Mexico is a very poor country and she feels they probably have their very last to honor their tradition and she said she will find a way to return the favor.  The legends tour continues tonight in Mexican at the San Pablo Stadiumie and tickets are completely sold out. Did you get yours? Click here to see video of the Mexicans welcoming the queen to their country.

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