Saturday, July 11, 2015

Next Up: Zendaya

Next up in the #JulyReleases is ZENDAYA. We got a really good album from her today which is her 4th PSR studio album called "Rock The Mic" Its different then what she is normally known for which is pop, this album is Hip-Hop, but I'm not saying she goes rapper style, but it's very little of her original pop style. The most popular song on the album is number 7 which is "Thank You" which is dedicated to NiNi and is thanking her for taking a chance on her even though she had very little fans and attention when she first signed her. The "N's also love the song and critics praise Daya for being the only person on PSR who showed their appreciation in a song to the queen which none of the rest has ever least not yet anyway. The album is produced by Kayslay, Drama, and herself and has features from Vic, Ari, NiNi, China, Missy Elliot, Ke$ha and Mr Cheeks (yes he's still here). It released at midnight and is doing better then any of her previous albums on the first day selling over 400,000 copies which makes her the leader so far in the #JulyReleases until someone else breaks it. It is available on Itunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site, and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Rock The Mic" by Zendaya. Next up is China and KC Lookout for those.................

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