Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Next Up + No New Info On The Queen

Next up in the #JulyReleases is Jessica Lowndes. This is her 5th PSR album titled"Diamond In The Rough"  It's pop and R&B and produced by herself, Jeff Goldman, Kojak and Madonna.  It dropped around midnight and so far has sold over a million copies which puts her in second place, Rita is still in first place. It has features from MiMi, NiNi, RiRi, Brianna Perry, Gaga, KPMG, Keith Urban, Tay, JLS and Whitney Houston (on sample). It is getting good reviews around the industry. It's available in retail stores worldwide as well as on her site for $10.99. Click here to purchase "Diamond In The Rough" by Jess. Next up is Diamond and Brianna Perry (tomorrow). In other news it's been 24 hours since queen B Got Queen N to be released early, but it's still no new info and we aren't even sure if she has been released yet, so in the meantime KP remains boss until the queen walks back into the PSR building. Stay tuned. ...

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