Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NiNi Put In Maximum Security + Sentence Extended

NiNi hasn't even left London yet, despite the fact that she was supposed to be transferred back since Saturday and that's because she got in trouble inside of the prison that she's staying in. Sources say that she had a fight with a female prison guard and was thrown into Max security which is a section of a prison for extremely dangerous prisoners like killers and sex offenders. Different sources report different things but in general its said that the female guard assaulted her first by slapping her and saying "now you're where you belong bitch" Its said that NiNi was upset but didn't do anything, but throughout the rest of the day the guard kept picking on her (and we all know why) and putting her hands on her as if she wanted NiNi to react and hit her knowing she would be in more trouble for assaulting a cop. NiNi knew this too, and throughout the day she continued to just get hit and ignore the guard. But it came to a boiling point when she smacked NiNi again then ripped her shirt and prison pants at which point NiNi went insane and began going off on her. Other guards tried to break them up but she wouldn't stop and they had to use a stun gun on her which knocked her out. The guard is in very bad shape with injuries to her brain heart lungs and liver and she may not make it. NiNi received an extra 7 years for assault on an officer and attempted murder and her transfer back to America has been delayed until the new prison has a spot open in their max security area. Fans are flipping and her lawyer is suing the prison and everyone argues that the guard did that on purpose because she knew NiNi would flip and she shouldn't be charged because she was defending herself. The judge has heard about it and is willing to interview other prisoners as well as video surveillance in order to find out the truth. If he sees how it really happened then its a possibility he might drop the new charges down or completely. Fans have been in front of the prison all day showing support for the queen and trashing the cops and many got arrested so far. Her loyal numbers, friends and artists have also been trashing the prison and the officers all day over social media like Twitter, FB and Insta. Click here to see many of the support posts from other celebs. Click here to read the official article on this. Stay tuned for more info on this developing story....

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