Monday, July 27, 2015

PSR Gathers For Memorial, NiNi Missing

As we know the daughter of the late great Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina passed away yesterday and PSR artists have been tweeting condolences to the family all morning.  Literally every artist on or affiliated with PSR have shown respect to the family and the family has noticed and thanked each and every one of them. They all are planning on having a memorial for her on the block. Traffic has already been blocked and the entire block is blocked off so no traffic can go in or out. The memorial will also be for her mom. It's confirmed that almost 5,000 people including other artists and family will be in attendance, fans are not invited sorry. Although the entire label will be there one person who isn't confirmed to be there is NiNi who hasn't been seen since she was released. As we know Whitney was her big influence and best friend, and she and Bobbi were also really close so for her not to show up is puzzling but her family (who NiNi is also close with) understands that she has been through alot lately and they understand that she may just want to be alone right now.  However,  NiNi did make her presence known in this by posting a pic of her and Bobbi together back in 2014 posing together at Coachella with the caption "Fly away home finally peace in father's arm such a sad day for me love ya,  RIP" But at this point it is unknown if she will be attending the memorial. Although NiNi and Bobbi's father Bobby Brown has had issues lately, he appreciated the post and asked her to please join them at the memorial although she hasn't responded to him yet though. Although this isn't a fan event, fans are welcome to stop by before the actual memorial begins to leave flowers and whatever else you want to leave. And the family has announced they are thinking about a fan memorial as well although there isn't much details on that yet. The funeral is also unknown but a spokesperson for the family announced that fans will be allowed just like with Whitneys funeral so you guys have a chance to say your goodbyes just today is off limit for fans. The memorial will be broadcast over the news and will be on literally every news station across America so make sure to tune into the news around 7pm when it starts to see it. We would like to say RIP to Bobbi Kristina '93-2015.....P. S the new #JulyRelease for today by Tegan and Sarah has been pushed to tomorrow

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