Thursday, July 2, 2015

NiNi Does Press Conference From Jail

NiNi has been transferred from the Police Department holding cell to the official prison of London until she is transferred back to America. While there she did an official press conference addressing the chaos that's (still) going down on the streets of London. She looked into the camera and said "Hey y'all, never thought I'd be talking through you guys from in here. Listen I really appreciate the support but when you start killing people and burning up things and doing all this violent stuff it becomes way more intense then just support and I may be a hypocrite, but I always tell you guys that I don't want anyone doing that because of me, non-violence, If you want  to show support show support but you guys are taking it too far and I'm very disappointed in all of you, that goes for my fans and and my friends, this is not how I want to see you behaving. I'm in here because I messed up, and I accept that but that's the key word I MESSED UP, not you guys, I did a crime I have to take responsibility for it. If you guys really support me and care for me then stop all of this, are you really trying to get killed over me its not worth it man, go do what you do I'm a big girl I can take care of myself I'll be fine and I'll be back making music for you guys in no time. I myself don't care for the police either, but I know my limits and you guys are way past the limits you should be at and I just don;t wanna see any of you get killed for sticking up for me and doing some dumb shit like running up on a cop and beating him or her, it just ain't worth it, it's too much killing as it is, don't be the next face on the news killed by a cop. I love you guys, if you love me then make me proud because right now I'm not proud of any of you" Her press conference reached the entire United Kingdom as well as America and a few other countries. Most of the "N's" numbers and PSR artists have returned back to America as they have work to do, but despite her touching Press conference, the streets of London are still in a State Of Emergency, some people have listened though and they backed off and went home but some still are bugging out hard and the death toll is now over 788 people killed by police for their actions and that number is climbing. Its dead bodies all on the street and it's just getting worse. The swat team FBI and many other law agencies have shown up on the scene to try and clean up. Curfew is 5:00 and every business is closed until further notice. The queen is scheduled to be transported back home Saturday afternoon. Click here to view her press conference addressing the "State Of Emergency" in London....

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