Thursday, July 16, 2015

Next Up:

Next up in the #JulyReleases is an unexpected name, because this person never announced her place in the #JulyReleases, but still it's a welcome unexpected pleasure for her fans and that is Ms Rita Ora. This is her 4th PSR album titled "Miss Rita" It is Hip-Hop, Girl Swag and Rap and is produced by Missy Elliot, Jodeci, NiNi, Herself and J.Cole. She is the first person to beat out Zendaya who was leader since she released her album. Rita dropped hers at 6am and so far she has sold 0ver 2.8 million copies which is beyond platinum status and amazing for the first day and beats out her previous album's first day sale which was a disappointing 22,000 copies, so apparently she's making a bigger name for herself. It has features from: NiNi, Chief Keef, Breezy, Tyga, Nicki, Nick Cannon (????) DMX, Ludacris and China. Her album is the new talk of the industry, although Daya is still not far behind her, and it's getting really good reviews from critics and fans, Her album is only available as a digital release, not a hard physical copy, which is the first time a digital anything has been released off of PSR. It is available on Itunes and Pandora and you use your card, pay for it and download it to your phone and/or computer. The price for her digital album is $9.99 and includes 2 bonus songs which one is a remix to "Shorty" Ft NiNi. and the remix to her hit song "Poison" Click here to digitally download "Miss Rita" by Rita Ora (Click here for my full review on her album)

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