Friday, July 10, 2015

New Music Release By NiNi

The queen may be locked up, but it's still new material by her being released and today we got a new unexpected song called "Drop That" It features Juicy J and its straight club, from the beat down to the lyrics and it's really catchy. Despite the fact that some die hard "N" fans say Juicy J killed it and she could've did well without him due to his newly formed "slow style" of rapping, the song is actually quite popular and hit number 2 on the charts within a couple hours. It's produced by her and him and they sound well together. Word on the street is that we may not have to wait 2 years to hear more material from NiNi, as she is said to have "tons" of un-released material that will be released as a way for her fans to still hear her while they can't see her. The "Legends" tour has NOT been canceled, and although it was talks of the other 2 using a NiNi hologram, they're not they're going to continue the tour themselves as a 2 woman band and hold it down for NiNi. The tour kicks back off where it left off in London starting July 20th, so if you guys still have your tickets, you'll be seeing N and T in 10 days! Click here to check out "Drop That" by NiNi Ft Juicy J. And click here to view the new schedule for the "Legends Tour"

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