Sunday, July 12, 2015

Next Up KC + In-House Drama

Kc was actually supposed to be apart of the #Junereleases,  but for a reason that's still unknown, she was suspended and the album was pushed back and now is apart of the #JulyReleases. This is her 5th PSR studio album called "Still Standing" It's full R&B and produced by herself mostly along with Lorde (seriously in the NHO category) K. Michelle and French Montana (almost close to the NHO category) It is receiving very good reviews and is currently on the top 50 albums to hear. Despite her success she is still trailing behind Zendaya who released her July album yesterday and sold over 400,000 copies on the first day and is now over 2 million making her the leader so far in the #JulyReleases. Kc's album dropped 8 hours ago and so far she has sold over 250,000 albums which is great for the first day but it doesn't beat out Daya's first day sales nor does it top her last album on the first day which was 399,000 copies but she still is doing very well. It has features from NiNi, Kat, China, Victoria, Kelly Rowland, Kid Sister and MiMi along with a sample of Beith.  It is available on her site, ITunes, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $10.99 and you get the video CD as well. Click here to purchase "Still Standing" by KC.  In other news it's been a while and the "#PSRPact" seemed to be lasting but now it's talk of a beef popping off in house between Niq Niq and China. No idea how this started but word is that they have been arguing over literally everything and was about to fight yesterday before being broken up by security.  We don't have much info yet but we will soon. Stay tuned guys.....

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