Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nini's Words Aren't Doing Much + New Music

Despite the fact that the queen made a very harsh statement from jail yesterday directed at Cymphonique and China, the two are still at it. They had a bloody fight yesterday and today both have released freestyles and each of their freestyles seems to be directed towards the other. Niq Niq's freestyle is over Reggies beat "burning" called "Not On My Level" and she has many many noticeable Non-subliminal disses toward China. China also released a freestyle where she sing-raps over Tinashes "Over" beat titled "On My Own Level" The title itself seems to be a response title to Cymphoniques title and she too makes very noticeable Non-Subliminal disses toward NiqNiq. Click here to hear both freestyke
freestyles and see if you hear the disses. In other news, besides those two new songs number 2 (KP) released a new song today titled "Free NiNi " Its really cute and shows her extreme support for the queen and its extremely popuar and is number 1 on the charts and in the street's. Click here to check out "Free NiNi " By KP

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