Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Next Is: Ke$ha + Nicki Announces Engagement To Meek,

Next in the #JulyReleases is Ke$ha with her 6th PSR album titled "Cali Girl" It's full pop and is produced by Kojack, Swizz Beats and herself. It dropped around midnight and so far (11 hours later) she has sold over 170,000 copies and her album is buzzing in the industry world and is highly talked about. She is receiving non stop airplay on the radio and is being asked for appearances everywhere and many of the harshest music critics are praising her album saying "this may be the best one of her career". It has features from: Vic, Ari, Frankie J, Pit Bull, Usher, Meek Mill, Nicki, NiNi, Iggy, Lena and J.Cole. It is available on her site, the PSR site, Itunes and in music stores worldwide for $10.99 and for the next 48 hours if you order from her site or the PSR site, you get free shipping. Also included with the album is the video anthology which is all of the videos for each song. Her numbers are climbing and she is doing very well for her first day. She is currently on tour and will be promoting the album all throughout California this week and she will be at the staples stadium from today until Sunday for signings and pics with fans so if you're in Cali, head over there to see her. Click here to purchase "Cali Girl" by Ke$ha. In other news, after weeks of PDA by Nick and Meek, Nicki has finally announced her engagement to Meek Mill over Insta. She posted a pic of her ring finger with a huge diamond ring and that's all we need to know. Then she posted a pic of Meek right underneath so it didn't take much for us to get the picture. Rumors also say that she is pregnant with Meek's baby, but  that is only rumors and speculation until she either confirms it or starts showing. Congrats to Nick and Meek. Speaking of those 2, they are both confirmed to be part of the #JulyReleases, can't wait......

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