Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NiNi Out 9 1/2 Months Early, Can You Guess Who's Responsible For That? + New Music

A few weeks ago NiNi was arrested, booked and sentenced to ten months in prison for breaking upcoming singer Zoeys neck. She started serving her time on July 2nd and was scheduled to remain there until May of 2016 but she will be released 9 months early. Police are furious and are trying to fight against her being released and so is Zoeys family. But how is NiNi getting out when she hasn't even served a month yet? Well who's the main person who always has her back, Financially mentally and physically?  Any guesses? Did you get guess Number 1? If you did then you're right. Queen B got the queen a very early release and we have no idea how. Many media outlets approached her to ask her how she did it but she isn't answering anything. A source close to her says she spent over 500 trillion dollars to bribe the judge to let her out, but that source has been slammed down by her lawyers saying that she would've been arrested on the spot just for attempting to bribe a judge. So just how did she do it? What she really did is unknown and will remain unknown until she unzips her mouth but once you think about how powerful those two queens are in the music game it's not hard to see how she may have did it...after all why do you think we call them "queen powers"? The queen will be released later on today and she won't have probation, house arrest, fines tickets nothing just free to return to her work which means after only one day it's time for number 2 to step down from her boss position. We are trying to exclusively get footage of NiNi when she is released. Stay tuned.  In other news speaking of the queen, its a new song that released today by her featuring J.Lo and KP called "Thirsty" It's a real nice song hip hop and swag girl pop produced by NiNi and Solo. It immediately hit the number 1 spot within minutes after its release replacing her previous newest song. All women sing-raps and they all sound good together and the song is getting really good reviews. Click here to check out "Thirsty" by NiNi Ft J.Lo & KP...

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