Saturday, July 4, 2015

NiNi Getting Transferred Back To US Today

Today the queen is being extradited back to America to the US Georgia Correctional Facility for women to complete her sentence. She is under strict supervision and will be escorted by private plane accompanied by 7 police officers. She is scheduled to be transported tonight and when she arrives she is allowed to be free for 24 hours before being escorted to the facility. Word is that the queen will be living in style. Sources report that her cell will be decorated up with a large flat screen TV, a mini jacuzzi, a mini fridge a large bed and she will have unlimited use of the gym, the showers and she will be served "regular" food of whatever she wants instead of the prison junk they serve. That's what happens when you're famous and rich Its also said and known that NiNi will be placed in a private section of the prison due to her status and she will have her very own butler, hmm seems like it ain't prison for her just imagine she's home she just can't leave her house for 10 months, we don't feel she will have a bad time in there with all that special VIP treatment. Her lawyers have been trying to appeal her sentence all this time and tried to get her on House Arrest explaining that she has work to do and is on tour but the judge denied their requests. Stay tuned for more info.

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