Friday, July 17, 2015

Niq Niq Will NOT Be Joining The"Legends" + New Release

Change of plans. When NiNi was sentenced, the other 2 "legends" decided they would continue on anyway without her as that is what she would want them to do, but they also announced that Cymphonique will be joining them for at least the 2nd half of it which is about 2-3 months, which made fans crazy excited and felt that she is a good replacement for the queen since her music is legendary status too. But due to her bloody (and getting bloodier day by day) beef with China,  niq niq announced over Twitter that she will not be joining the crew and that she is beginning her own solo tour next month. This last minute cancel has forced China and Tinashe to rearrange schedule dates in order to find a new replacement as the tour needs 3 performers at least for the 2nd half.  The continuation of the tour was scheduled to kick back off in London this upcoming Monday but now with the unexpected cancel they changed it to Friday. Rumors say the new replacement that can compete and be worthy of NiNi's legend status is Katy Perry which we agree with but we aren't sure if it's true since KP is actually on her own tour right now promoting her new album. So the replacement is unknown but Tinashe apologized to fans and promised that the tour will definitely continue next Friday. Are you guys upset that niq niq won't be there?  Do you feel that China and Niq Niq should just squash it and stop being babies?  (No offense ladies) Click here for more disturbing info on their beef. In other news next up in the #JulyReleases is Kat. The world has been waiting so long for this one and she beat out Rita within an hour and she is now the leader of the #JulyReleases. This is her 7th PSR album titled "This Is Kat" Click here for the full review, stats, features and purchase links for "This Is Kat" by Katerina Graham (I just wanted to say your full name sweetie don't kill me k ;) )

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