Wednesday, July 15, 2015

NiNi Still Has Music Releasing + New Release

Most people who get locked up don't have anything heard from then until they're out, but so far the queen has released 2 NEW songs, despite the fact the she is locked up. The new song today is "Ride With Me" and features Deni. The song is produced by NiNi and is hard hitting with dope beat and a hard bass line. It's Hip-Hop and both sing/rap and they both do a good job. Apparently the queen does actually have a bunch of unreleased songs stored in her hard-drive since all this stuff is releasing without her even being near a studio, either that or she has a studio in her cell. Being that the queen is locked up, her music is getting even more popular and this new song hit the number 1 spot within 15 minutes. It's doing very well, and is getting great reviews. Click here to check out "Ride With Me" Ft Demi. In other news, next up in the #JulyReleases is "Brandy" This is her 3rd PSR album and is called "Another Part Of Me" and is produced by NiNi, Ray J, Solo, Swizz Beats and herself. It is Pop/R&B and is pretty popular. It has features from: Ray J, India Benet, Breezy, Monica, Nipsey Hussle and The Dream. This is the first album in the #JulyReleases that doesn't feature NiNi. She is 2nd behind Zendya who is still leading in the releases. Brandy dropped her album at 5am and so far (7 hours later) she has sold over 422,000 copies, which is better then her last album on the 1st day which came in around 212,000 copies. It is available on Itunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site and in retail music stores worldwide for $10.99. Brandy will also be in East Rutherford NJ promoting the album with signings and photos, so get there. Click here to purchase "Another Part Of Me" by Brandy. Next up is Monica Spears, Kelly Rowland, Solo and Kelly Clarkson.....

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