Monday, July 6, 2015

Next In The #JulyReleases + NeNe Leakes Defends NiNi's Actions

Vic @ 4th Of July Bash

NeNe Leakes
The #JulyReleases is getting popular and next up is Vic (Victoria Justice) with her 2nd PSR album titled "Cold-Blooded". The album is Pop and R&B and is produced by 2whip, NiNi, herself, Leon Thomas and Krystal White. It hit shelves and the Internet around 8am this morning and now 6 hours later she has sold over 145,000 copies which is good for her first day and better then her 1st album's first day which was right around 70,000 copies. Vybe called it "Unique and different" and Hip-Hop Blog said "She has really matured with her music and shows us that she can bring the heat where it's needed" Many are praising her album for her unique lyrics and undeniable talent which has most definitely gotten better since her last album. Fans also recognize her maturity and also praise the album. It has features from Ari, Harry Styles, Jamie Lynn, NiNi, Kat, NiqNiq, Solo, Jay-Z, Ye, Nicki, Meek, Christina Aguilera and Christina Milian. It is available on Itunes, her site, the PSR site, Pandora and in retail and music stores worldwide for $8.99. The critics give the album 8.9 out of 10 stars which is platinum level. Vic is also about to go on a world tour with Kat and Taylah P to promote her new album called "The Cold-Blooded Tour" which kicks in in L.A starting mid July. Tickets are on sale now, head here to get yours for the L.A shows on July 15th-July 18th. Click here to purchase "Cold-Blooded" by Vic (Click here for my full review on her album which I give 5 stars) Next up in the #JulyReleases is Keke Palmer and Ke$ha. Lookout for those two, both their albums are seriously anticipated.....Click here for both of their announcements.... In other news, NeNe Leakes has defended NiNi's actions of breaking Zoey's neck and feels she shouldn't be in jail. Click here to hear what she had to say. And speaking of NiNi, multiple sources report that she received an extra year in jail due to fighting but that isn't confirmed yet and we aren't sure yet. Stay tuned...

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