Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Release + This Beef Is So Bloody It's Reaching The Queen

Next up in the #JulyRealeases is Nicki.  This is her 4th PSR album titled "Fairytale Life" It's different then what we're used to hearing as its barely any rap on it mostly smooth R&B with her singing on most of the songs. It Is R&B and her style of pop and despite the fact that Nick is one of the most famous artists on PSR she is trailing behind everyone in the #JulyReleases. She dropped it at 5am and so far she has sold a very disappointing 6,000 copies which is the lowest she's ever sold since the start of her career.  It has features from Meek Mill,  French Montana, NiNi, KC, B, Taylah P and RiRi.  She is currently on tour promoting it but it's getting mixed reviews most of them bad reviews based on the fact that she switched her whole style up on this album and her fans aren't used to this style and the way she has it set up seems like it's the same song over and over which is having people get bored fast.  It is available on ITunes, Pandora, her site, the PSR site and in retail stores worldwide for $9.99. Click here to purchase "Fairytale Life" by Nicki.  In other news,  the bloody beef continues to get bloody and it got bloodier today after they had yet ANOTHER fight in Arizona.  This beef is the biggest in house beef that ever happened at PSR and it's so big word of it reached NiNi in jail and she made a statement from jail about it and she seriously attacked both of them so bad we think she probably made both of them cry for days.  Click here to hear her statement and see what I mean (very very harsh language is used)

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