Monday, December 3, 2012

Did Nini And Katy Have An Argumemt

We are told by multiple sources that girl pals Nini and KATY had an argument today over something that we still don't know about, but one source says that Nini went into work really quick and being that she got called a crackhead by the cameraman earlier she was still pissed and she took it out on her artists, mainly the women especially Katy perry and the source says Katy did not like being yelled at when she did nothing wrong, and she told her that but NINI Thought she was getting smart and started threatening to drop her and beat her up and get all her slaves to jump her for her and the argument got louder and louder until Katy walked out the building, but of course this has not been confirmed in fact, we don't even know if there was an argument, but we are still looking to find out! In other news, rumor has it that KC is getting dropped soon, but as usual we don't know if that's true or not, but after a little bit of digging we'll let you know. That's all the info I have for now guys check with me tomorrow when the queen comes back! Peace~!