Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NiNI'S Xmas Show Last Night

Merry Christmas guys! Last night was Nini's Xmas show in 4 cities Dallas, Houston, Atlanta And Atlantic City. Special Guests were B of course, Christina Milian, China, Cymphonique, Tiffany Evans and KC. All 4 shows were exciting so we hear, but we were only at the AC show and that was explosive and FREE.....All performers did an amazing job and they all sung only Christmas songs, like jingle bells, deck the halls, and their own Christmas songs. The show in AC lasted for 2 hours in front of over 89,000 people. Click here to check out the entire performance. In other news, today Christina agreed to give the criminal named mad dog a DNA test to determine if her kids are his and not the dreams, and he received a great Christmas present as it has been confirmed that the kids are in fact his which he is very happy about and he vows to be in their life after he gets out of jail next year, but Christina says he can get visitation rights only if he straightens his life out as she doesn't want her kids around that lifestyle, and she herself wants nothing more to do with him. But regardless he got his Xmas wish. Also some PSR artists such as Keke Palmer, Katy Perry, Miranda and Kid Sister has been spreading some Christmas spirit today. They have been visiting low income families and countries such as Africa and Jamaica donating gifts for the children and money for the families to have a good Christmas, also donating food to families who cant afford Christmas dinner. All of PSR is apart of the Christmas project including the boss, but most recently the boss has been keeping a low profile and hasn't been seen much, but everyone assumes its due to the fact that she has an album, a HBO special and a Superbowl performance coming up very soon and she must be preparing for all of that, and we wish her the best of luck, and we would like to say merry Christmas to the whole PSR team and to you and yours! Also 3 albums have dropped today. "Cant See Me" by Lola Monroe has dropped today and so far has sold over 450 million copies, "When I Blow" By Mona L has dropped at midnight and has sold over 399 million copies so far, and the B.B.O.D crew has dropped their highly awaited album titled "We Got The Game" and it has sold over 430 million copies so far, so Lola is in the lead, but they are all competing for the number 1 spot, and we wish them the best. All albums are available in stores worldwide and on each of their sites for 8.99. Click here to by Lola's album, Click Here to buy Mona's album and click here to buy the B.B.O.D girls album. In our personal opinion the B.B.O.D album is the best of all 3, but you guys can be the judge!

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