Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Keri Hilson Visits Nini And Defends Kat + CiCi And Ri Ri Are Back At It

Keri Hilson was spotted entering the saint michaels hospital in savannah georgia a little while ago and when she asked what she was doing there she said "Going to see my boss, she'll be ok she's a fighter so I aint woried but I still want her to know I showed up and show my support" She was also asked if she thought Kat was guilty and she said "No I dont and I believe that poor girl is sitting in a hell hole for nothing, PSR backs her up, anyone else really doesnt matter" Many people including PSR artists, management and fans are on Kats side, but for every 100 people thats on Kats side, another hundred is down talking her, Kat has declined to say anything to the press at this time. In other news, best friends and always worst enimies Rihanna and Ciara are back at war with each other which started after an interview 3 days ago by Ciara speaking on PSR and her friend Rihanna. Ciara called Rihanna crazy which is true and Ri Ri did not take offense to it, but she did say she is weird for being around chris after all his anger issues and violent outburtst and she does half of the stuff she does for attention. Ri Ri didnt like that last part, and Ri Ri took her anger to twitter posting OH BITCH JUST STOP TALKING YOU MAKE YOURSELF SOUND AS DUMB AS YOU LOOK. Ci Ci responded saying TRUTH HURTS SLUTS YOU SHOULD B IN NINI'S PLACE NOT HER AND ILL GET YOU THERE JUST TRY ME CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE ONE HOUR WAR....MORE INFO ON NINI N THESE TWO LATER ON

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