Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NiNi Drops Collab Song + Amy Takes Maternity Leave Today

This evening a collab song dropped from Nini and Rita Ora and Carly RAE Jepsen Titled "My World" The song is produced by TIP and Nini and it is super dope, with Nini Rita And Carly singing on the song, and its about doing things thats considered ruling the world basically. All 3 women sound so good on the song and it is availalbe for download on the PSR website for .99 cents check out a 45 second clip to the song by clicking here. In other news, Amy has finished up her signing today and she has taken her maternity leave and she left behind one video for their song "Brokenhearted" you can check that song out here. Amy has said she will be having her baby in the beginning to mid december and she may share a pic or two of her new baby girl, so we'll be on the lookout for that! Speaking of babies, Tiffany Evans who just delivered close to two weeks ago, has sent a video tweet of herself which is the first time she has been seen since she had the baby, and her figure is still in good shape and she has said she will still be working on her album from time to time in her home studio while she is on her maternity leave and she also thanked all of her PSR buddies for their support as well as her fans and she has said that Nini is giving her until May to finish her maternity leave but she says she wont need that long, Amy has also said she doesnt need that long either so these two may be back before we are expecting them back. Miley CYRus starts hers in 3 months in february and within that time she says she wants to drop more songs more videos more shows and maybe possibly a mixtape as she says she wants to leave her fans with enough material to last them until she gets back. Fake pregnacies are, KC, Diamond, Kelly Clarkson, Cymophonique, Miranda, Mona L, LOLA Monroe and Christina Milian so no babies there......yet. Check me out later for more info! P.S Ye might be a daddy! But we're still checking into that and we will let you guys know when we find out!

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