Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Star Stops A Fight Between Plies And Nipsey

We are told that new PSR artist Plies and Rising PSR artist Nipsey Hussle were about to throw down and star stopped that from happening. It started over creative differences, Plies asked nipsey to be on his song a couple days ago, and Nipsey finally got around to it and they were in the studio, but Nipsey wanted a Cali beat and plies didn't so that caused a problem since it was plies song and not nipsey. After plies finally agreed to do a Cali beat they both wrote the lyrics but plies didn't like nipsey's choice of words as he was trying to keep it at least pg-13 as he is trying to make more music that kids would listen too as well as adults gangstas or whatever, but nipsey kept it totally Compton rated R and plies didn't like that and he told him and nipsey said you asked me to jump on this don't tell me how to rap and that caused them to argue and almost fight, but star got in the middle and reminded both of them that nini is not playing n they will get dropped n they canceled their song and decided not to do it with each other, so now t seems to be tension between two more psr artists, but we will continue following this until we find out how serious it will get......thats it for now peace!

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