Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Many People Lash Out Against Accusations

Earlier I told you guys, about all the accusations that was going around with the PSR girls and the circle members which included men and women, and now everyone is lashing out including Nini who made a statement saying "You fucking bitch boy you don't know what the hell you're talking about so shut the hell up, Tiff is my girl and all and you're her husband but If I see you boy I will be taking care of you, and yes that's a goddamn threat!" Tiffany has even spoken out once again on Twitter posting "I FUCKING HATE HIM, I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD HATE SOMEONE AS MUCH AS I HATE HIM, ITS OVER DEAD AND GONE, I SWEAR ON MY SON I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH HIM" Even Ye, Big Sean, Jay-Z, B, Rita, Katy Perry, OMG GIRLZ, RI RI and many others including Tina has spoken up on these men and their accusations with RI RI being the worse posting "You bitch niggas talk what you know, cuz Nini said she will handle you, fuck handling if i see you ill kill you run it to the police or take it to your mommy idc" All of these people are beyond angry and Ye spoke up for his niece saying "Yo my nigga, if you having problems with your wife, that's y'all but if ever include my niece in your mouth again ,you gonna have alot more to deal with then the Illuminati shit you feel me, i want you to try me" Monica spoke on her husband saying "HE'S LYING HE'S TRYING TO RUIN MY REPUTATION BECAUSE I'M DIVORCING HIM AND HES MAD NONE OF THAT STUFF IS TRUE" And Rita spoke on Rob K and so did Kim K with Rita saying "You know when someone is lying their story just sounds like a fairy tale or a movie and the things he said doesn't it sound like a damn movie, he's mad cuz i wouldn't have sex with him, honesty hurts don't it boy with your lil dick lmao! And Kim K defended Rita and Nini's circle saying "Rob where do you get off on saying things like that about people, I cant stand you right now I SWEAR UGH Currently you're not my bro!" So everyone is speaking up and not in a good way about all this drama that popped off earlier and we are told the main people who are the most upset are Nini Tiffany Monica Rita and B and RI RI as well as Big Sean Jay and Ye. All of Nini's circle is pissed although no one named names, they did say circle which goes for everyone so everyone is mad, AND the media is doing their best to ruin all these peoples reputation including Nini so they caused a whole lot of problems and people are sending death threats like Rhianna for example. This story is still getting juicer by the second so when I get more so will you peace!

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