Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Melanie Pisses Off PSR Artists AGAIN! Says Its Only 3 Artists Who Deserve To Be There!

As usual the chick who speaks her mind no matter what just like those Canadian people usually do, Melanie Fiona has once again managed to piss off an entire label by an interview she did this evening and this is how it went.
We have Melanie Fiona in the house ya ll! (the audience clapped and cheered)
Hey guys (smiling)
So Melanie how r u
I'm fine
so from my understanding, its been alot of tension with you and PSR
Do you feel any different about PSR
Well I never had a problem with PSR or Nini PSR is a dope label I wanted to be with them so bad and I still do, its just some of the people that I just was asked an opinion on and I gave my honest opinion
OK I see so who is it that you don't like there
I feel its only 3 people there besides Nini who actually deserve to be there and that's Rita, Carly and Demi those 3 are the truth, but see that's my opinion though, not once did I ever say my opinion matters or anything, but I was asked how I feel before and I spoke on it
so in other words besides those 4 people who you just named no one else is good enough to be there
no not to me but obviously to everyone else
are u at all worried that they might be upset
not really as long as its not nini cuz i don't want any problems with her, the rest i could care less
and what about ke$ha
please not her (audience laughs)
That's the PSR Part of her interview and she pissed off many people basically everyone at PSR being that she said everyone except for demi Carly and Rita and many people have spoken up on her including Ye, KC, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus and Nipsey as well as Jordan sparks and Lloyd and she is facing much hate from PSR fans Nini fans and even her fans, but she made it clear she doesn't care and she was asked her opinion n she gave it, how do you guys feel..........