Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NiNi Drops New Song With Eminem + Woman Murders Daughter Over Nini

This afternoon, a new song dropped titled "Bomb" by Eminem Ft NiNi. The song was completely unexpected as neither Eminem nor NiNi has mentioned anything about it, but we are glad its here. the song combines heavy 808 drums with a melodic bass and and a hip-hop rhythm feel to it and it is produced by Ye. This is Eminem's song and it will be featured on his new album coming early next year. Click here to check out "Bomb" Speaking of Eminem he also has a song out with RI RI titled "Numb" click here to check that out. In other news, a New York woman is being charged with murdering her 17 year old daughter after an argument popped off. The story goes that the girl came in at 7am this morning after being out all night with her boyfriend, which made her mother worry all night and she had school the next day. So she comes in and they began to argue and after some heated words, the girl goes crazy and starts breaking things such as the TV and the radio her moms cell phone and Nini's newest CD "The World Thru My Eyez" The woman began crying when she found out that the CD was broke and that's all she cared about (O.....K) anyways she became so upset and she ran up on her daughter and began choking her, The girl was fighting back of course, but eventually she passed out from lack of air but she was not dead. Then the lady filled the bathtub with water and picked up her daughter and put her body in there and finished her off by drowning her. It only took two minutes, and her daughter turned blue and passed away around 715am. The mother then calmly called 9-11 and said "I need a police officer I killed my daughter" and hung up the phone. Police arrived within 3 minutes and she was not trying to hide she calmly let them in and led them to her daughters floating body in the tub. They took pictures and arrested the mom who has now been identified as 35 year old New Yorker Trisha States. Trisha has a history of problems starting back when she was just 13 years old and she has what is called Schizophrenia. Usually she keeps the disease under control with pills, but she ran out last night and was going to get her prescription filled today when the pharmacy opened. She is a huge Nini fan and an officer on the scene said "She was a Fan of Miss Nini and I guess by her daughter breaking the uh Cd prompted her to go crazy and she didn't have her medicine either, thats not the best excuse in the world but that's what we have for now, so we do have a motive. Trisha has been charged with 1st degree murder of her daughter and is currently awaiting trial, and the daughters boyfriend is in pieces over this and so is her dad. So far Nini has not said anything on this yet.

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