Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NiNi Has Fight With Da Brat + Selena And Keisha Chante

We are told a big brawl went down in PSR today between Nini and Da Brat, PSR management said "We aren't sure how or why the fight started, but at this time we would like the public to respect the privacy of the artists and the label, thank you" We have absolutely ZERO details on this, but its something we are definitely following closely, and when we have something so will you. In other news, today Selena has released her 2nd mixtape on PSR titled "My World" click here to get it on her site for FREE. Also Keisha Chante is releasing her 2nd album off of PSR tomorrow so be on the lookout for that, Ill give you all the coverage about. Her contract is also up for renewal at the end of this month, and we are told she is renewing it, which the fans are excited about. That's it for now, and now its off to Nini's show tell you about everything tomorrow, Peace~!