Monday, December 3, 2012

NiNi Produces More Royal Shirts

Everywhere you look now, every woman is rocking a PSR royal shirt, whether they are royal or non royal, everyone is wearing that bomb shirt. In fact the royal shirt is so popular that that shirt alone is bringing Platinum Wear at least 500,000 dollars a month in addition to all the other items. Nini has now produced more royal shirts in different designs and in different colors, and being that the shirt was Rihanna's idea, she and her clothing line Rated R is seeing a tremendous amount of success in addition to her PSR paycheck and Nini supports the design and says she has great things in store for it in the future. Other PSR artists who have added new designs in the PSR line include, OMG Girlz, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Cymphonique, Ke$ha, Monica, Monica Spears, Lloyd, KAT and Kelly Clarkson and its new designs coming soon from KC and Miranda. So lots of cool things in store for PW over the next couple months check out the new items by heading over to Every clothing line out there from FUBU, To COOGI, To ECKO, To Phat Farm, is trying to link up with Nini, but Nini has respectfully declined all offers and says she is comfortable having a single line for now! We don't blame her do you? In other news, Kelly Clarkson's long overdue album is now finished and she is releasing it tomorrow the 4th and everyone is looking forward to her new album and Kelly says its a little different than what people are used to, we love that. Check me out tomorrow for coverage on it!

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johnny1 said...

them shirts are bomb