Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nini Makes KC Cry

This morning, Nini was at a charity event raising money for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort, but as usual here comes reporters with DUMB questions which pissed Nini off and she grabbed a camera and hit the camera man with it and he said "Ow Nini that hurt" and then a rush of camera people began running up on her and saying "Nini why did you do that" Shes busy fighting them off and she screamed "EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" someone said "Oh my lord" and everyone got silent and was backing up from her and their expressions were scared expressions. She said "I had it up to here with you damn reporters, I swear if any of y'all touch me again or ask me a dumb question I will be going to jail and you will be the main star of a funeral I'm sick of this shit! At this time KC who just showed up said "Yeah why don't y'all just leave her alone god! and nini turned to her and said "AND YOU MIND YOUR BUSINESS DO I NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP ON ANYTHING NO I DON'T ALL OF Y'ALL FUCKERS JUST STAY OUTTA MINES I DON'T NEED Y'ALL SPEAKING UP LIKE I'M SOME LIL ASS KID WHY R U HERE ANYWAY GET THE HELL OUT! Kc looked so embarrassed and she walked out and many say it was small tears in her eyes, but many say she was not crying but we don't know. Everyone at the event was totally frightened at this point and all the camera people left really fast and Nini closed up shop and left with her bodyguard, KC or Nini has not been available for comment! Sorry about the comment section guys im working on it now

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