Saturday, December 15, 2012

NiNi Gets Deal With Pepsi + Her Cant See Me Jacket Goes On Auction

Nini has made a deal with pepsi for 50 million dollars, which she will be making commercials for them and she also will have her face (Yes I said her FACE) on the side of every bottle. The new Pepsi bottles will be hitting stores soon, and new commercials are currently in the process of being made, and should be airing on TV soon. She signed the contract back in June, but they werent ready to start the deal, but now she is hard at work working with them, in addition to her album and HBO special coming early next year, so she is officially the busiest woman in show business right now and she says quote "I love pepsi, besides my red bull, I drink pepsi, so im good with being the advertising girl" (Laughs) Good luck queen, we'll be seeing your ads soon! In other news, the gold jacket that the queens wore in their video for "Can't See Me" is being auctioned for charity. Nini has her jacket on ebay and many other auction sites and its listed as being for charity for the helpless victims of the world, currently her jacket is at 78 million dollars and counting. Nini says that money will not be for her or anything asscoiated with her, and she is donating anything she makes to her charity and other charities also. When she asked "So Nini you're not keeping even a little bit?" She responded "Nope" So its always good to see a bright star doing good for the "Little People" Congrats Nini and keep up the good work!

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