Friday, December 21, 2012

PSR Women Set To Perform A Christmas Show On Monday

We received word that Nini, Christina Milian, China and Cymphonique will be hosting a special XMAS show on Monday Christmas Eve in Atlanta Georgia, Dallas and Houston TX as well as Atlantic City NJ, and the show is free to anyone who gets there first. So far over 400,000 people have signed up for the free Xmas shows, and more is signing up as we speak. This will be Nini's first xmas show since she came out in 2008, and many fans are excited, and PSR is backing the performers up, and we will be attending the Atlantic City show at 9pm on Monday. In other news, speaking of Christina Milian, a well known criminal by the name of mad dog has said she had sex with him 2 years ago, and her children are his and not the dreams, as she was sleeping around while she was engaged to him, and he wants to see his kids, Christina hasn't responded to the man yet, but the dream has said "I always knew those kids weren't mine, I just had that feeling and my feelings are never wrong, but whatever not my problem anymore, good luck!" The man,  who is locked up at the moment said he wants a DNA test to prove the kids are his, and he wants visitation rights, Christina has not spoke up on the situation as of yet. Also a new song has released by Nini Ft China and Rita Ora titled "Fun Night" click here to check it out

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