Thursday, November 29, 2012

Justin Beiber Wants To Be Down With THE Platuinm Crew~

18 year old Canadian singer Justin Beiber has expressed interest in joining PSR saying it would be both "Thrilling" and a "Learning Experience" Most recently Beiber has been signed to Lil Wayne's label Young Money, but Beiber states that, it was a trial deal, Wayne gave him the opportunity to see how he likes it, and although he says he loves Wayne and young money, he says he doesn't feel his music fits correctly with the roster, neither does his fans, and he feels his music will fit most definitely with PSR. He says he appreciates the opportunity with Young Money, but when his trial period is over on DECEMBER 1ST he will be signing out of Young Money, and began searchimg for a new home, and in his words he said quote "Hopefully I wont have to look too long for a home, everyone knows me, and so does Nini, and once upon a time Nini said she likes my music, so I'm remaining hopeful on that one. Do you guys feel Beiber would make a good fit on PSR. In other news, he isn't the only one who's staying hopeful that when Nini begins signing people they would get chosen, Pink has said I would love to call Nini my boss, who wouldnt' other people who have expressed interest in joining PSR Include Drake, Tyga, Shanelle, D Woods, RichGirl, Toni Braxton, Paris JACKSON, Janet Jackson, Rasheeda, Melanie Fiona, Lil Mama, Toya, Miss Nana and Dede, but no word on Nini yet if any of these names interest her, but its clear most of these names interest everyone else, but until we hear from NiNi we don't know what will happen, but we'll keep our eyes and ears open on this one! P.S Nini has a show tonight in West Philadelphia at the Philly Music Park at 8pm so if you guys have tickets see ya there!

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