Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melanie And Ke$ha Make Up?

Seems like Melanie is ready to grow up, A couple days ago, a song has released by Melanie titled "I'm Bigger Than That" and she sings about things that she feels is now nonsense and how she wants to begin new with everything and she sings "I'm bigger than that, tell her its love and I cherish that, I'm bigger than that" Which was an obvious line at Ke$ha. Ke$ha never responded to the song, but they ran into each other today in LA and after chatting for a few minutes they both gave each other a smile and a hug, which was amazing to see. Not saying they are best friends now, but its apparent that both of them are realizing how ridiculous all that is and they are just trying to start fresh, and we love to see things like that. Other people who Melanie has made up with include Kat, K.Michelle, KATY Perry and Rihanna, so its clear she is growing up and putting childish nonsense behaviour behind her, reminds us of Rasheeda who is almost cool with all of PSR at this point, so good luck with all this new love going around. Nini has stated she is happy that all that is over, and she says maybe just maybe, since her and Melanie have made up the fans will hear a song from them two one day and Melanie said she will love that. How do you guys feel about Melanie's change of heart towards the PSR ARTISTS?

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