Monday, November 26, 2012

Nini Is Getting Sued! + Denys R,Kellys Offer

We are told that Issac Johnson the man who got bombed with a pie last night is suing nini for medical bills as he got burned by the pie which left scars and he is suing he for $1,500. Nini has not responded to this claim yet, but she is due in court on November 28th which is Wednesday, and we just have to wait and see what happens, at this time Nini has not issued an apology or a statement. In other news, Nini has denied R. Kelly's offer of being in his trapped in the closet chapters saying she has too much to do and she really doesn't have time, but she will love to do a song with him one day as she loves his music and is a fan of his, Kelly has responded saying "Definitely, Ill get at you next week, we gonna drop something dope!" TIP and Ye have also denied being in it saying their schedule is too crazy but did thank him for thinking about them......Word was a while back that Mr Kelly was being signed to PSR but since that hasn't happened yet we guess it was a rumor, but seriously how cool would that be? Anyways that's it for now, ill update you guys tomorrow on her show tonight peace!

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