Sunday, December 2, 2012

NiNi's Show + Ciara Explains Why The Fight Happened

Last night was Nini's show in East Orange NJ at the NJ PAC stadium. Nini had no special guests and she was all by herself, but she still did amazing even without her other queen partner or guests appearances. She performed for a total of 2 hours with only 2 breaks and 17 costume changes and she did sweet with amazing special effects and a MJ Hologram for her and MJ's song "On My Own" Many people praised her performance including her presidential buddies the Obama's. Click here to check out the entire performance. In other news, It has been determined that Trina is the one who started the fight between her and Ciara Friday Night at an ATL nightclub, and Ciara says its because she is jealous. According to Ciara who spoke on the fight in an interview this morning, Nini was stuck on choosing her or Trina for the next member of PSR, she had both of them record a song for her, so she can see who impresses her more. Ciara's song for Nini was "Ride" Ft Ludacris, and Trina's song was "Red Bottoms" Nini was impressed with both songs but ended up signing Ciara instead of Trina, and according to CICI, Trina felt she had the better song and she should have been picked, and ever since she has been feeling envy towards Ciara. In a nutshell, Ciara says Trina is jealous and that's why the fight started. Of course Trina denies this, but people at the club back up Ciara's story and Trina began disrespecting Ciara during her signing, calling her bitches and she was trying to start a fight with her, and at first CICI refused but of course its only so much a woman can take! So now its a beef going on between Cici and Trina and Nini says shes out of it and Trina also says no hard feelings on Nini and she is not in it. The queen is off until Tuesday so as usual ill do my best to get info for you guys!

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