Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weezy Is NOT Joining PSR + Miley Flashes A Crowd

The other day I told you guys it was a possibility that Weezy may be joining PSR. Today though his reps confirmed that to be untrue,  posting, "If this rumor were true at least we know we have much support from you wonderful fans but unfortunately it is not true. Mr. Carter is quite comfortable running his own label and he still has so many new and fresh ideas for the label, Young Money records has been around for some time, but this is just the beginning for him" Weezy himself has not spoke on it. In other news, Miley sure is growing up, 1st she posed nude for a love your body campaign, then Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards she got very freaky on stage twerking and jerking then got extra freaky with Robin Thicke on stage, and today she flashed a crowd of over 7,000 fans for no apparent reason that's a long way from The Disney show and Hannah Montana. She was walking into a building for what we call a royal meeting and the fans were cheering and trying to grab her and all of a sudden she stopped pulled up her shirt and revealed her double D's well sort of and we see that she has her nipples pierced. The crowd cheered loudly male and female and her manager rushed to cover her up but she was laughing and she walked inside the building. No one knows why Miley did that, but we do know its not for publicity as she has more then enough of that, but regardless not everyone was happy to see that. A church official by the name of Deborah Winston said that Miley acts like a slut and she's only 20 but she acts like a 30 year old woman and she is sending a bad message to her younger fans. Miley posted "Get a life its just boobs lol" Seems like Miley and her fans have a sense of humor but the same cant be said for everyone these days. The moment was snapped by tons of paparazzi camera's that were there and its literally all over the globe. Her only comment was "I Had a baby and still got a bomb body wow I'm good lol" Click here to check out Miley's flashing moment (Warning nudity is shown) Speaking of Miley, Rumor says that she has gotten a new tattoo that says PSR. Miley has tons of tattoos all over her body, and she once said she wont stop until she is tatted like Weezy, but this new PSR tat has been unconfirmed, if it is true we sure would like to see it, how about you guys?

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