Friday, August 23, 2013

RI RI Announces 8th Studio Album + Nicki Minaj Announces 1st PSR album + NiNi Admits She Is Sick Of The Game

The success of Ri Ri's seventh studio album "Unapologetic" was unmatched by anyone other than Jay-Z and NiNi. And today she announced her 8th album titled "Alls Fair In Love In War" She announced that she will have her regular collabs such as NiNi and some PSR artists but she also expressed that she wants to work  with all kinds of artists from Rock to Pop to Dougie to Jerking and give the fans something different. She said it will be released around Christmas or New Years as she quote wants to bring in the new year with something good" Another artist who has announced an album is Nicki Minaj. Although she signed to PSR she was still under contract with Young Money to release one more album with them before she can start releasing material off of PSR and that last album was "Pink Friday Romans's revenge" and now she is free to release whatever she wants off of PSR and today she announced that her 1st album which is still untitled will be coming this winter. She said she is working with some mega dope producers and artists to give her sound a better feel. She also mentioned that  two songs with Breezy will be cut from the album she said "He can have them I don't want them he needs them more then I do anyway" She didn't say an exact date or the collabs that will be on it she called it a surprise that we have to wait for. One thing that people are noticing about PSR though is that it seems as if the new artists are doing way more work then the artists who have been there for a while besides Katy Perry of course, and many of the old artists haven't been releasing much all we've been hearing is the new and semi new artists which is actually true. But regardless we're sure they all will surprise us soon enough, but for now Nicki and Ri Ri two of the most controversial artists in the game are releasing their very highly anticipated albums soon, so make sure you keep your eyes open for more info on those. Also today NiNi said that she is sick of the music game she is sick of her job and she is sick of everything, she said her artists keep her going because they are so supportive but regardless she is fed up with the drama associated with loving to do what she does best and she threatened that If she is pushed any further she will reach her breaking point which wont be good for anyone. Click here to check out her full interview on the subject. That's it for now guys, check me out later!

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