Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bobby Brown Wants To Work With NiNi + Whitney's Mom Pisees NiNi Fans Off

The husband of the late Whitney Houston Bobby Brown has expressed interest in collabing with none other then the queen herself he stated in a interview that he still loves Whitney but he believes that because the two were almost best friends Whitney persuaded her not to work with him due to their ups and downs. But he said he always wanted to work with her for the past 4 years and he said that he feels the two can do awesome work together strictly professional though. NiNi has not responded to him as of yet though. Speaking of Whitney, her mom has upset many of NiNi's fans with her new book titled Whitney where she mentions that her daughter was treated unfairly by NINI'S crew and sometimes even by NINI, but being that Whitney was such a good person she dealt with it and still wanted to be NiNi's friend. She claims that even at one point she was accused by NiNi of being apart of the dark life of the game which is why Whitney did her now famous interview where she spoke harsh about them and she says it was to prove to NiNI that she wasn't so NiNi can be her friend again. Despite all of this though she said that regardless nini always showed her respect and for that she respects her. Her book has upset many NiNi fans and some say they don't believe one word and they say she is just using her daughters name and her friendship with NiNi AS PUBLICITY and money. NiNi spoke up too saying "I always try and respect my elders so this is all I will say, you have no clue what you're talking about ma'am Ill leave it at that" Her mom did not respond to that. Click here to read the copy of the book speaking on NiNi and Whitney

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