Friday, August 30, 2013

J Cole Releases New Song + Rita Has Fight With NENE Leakes and Kenya Moore

Today Mr Cole released his 3rd PSR song titled "one time" which features fellow PSR artists Brandy and Ariana Grande. The ladies sing and J Cole raps he has the 1st and 3rd verse Brandy has the second verse and Ariana has the hook only. Its a nice song and is currently at number 6 on the charts. Click here to check out "One Time" by J Cole Ft Brandy and Ariana Grande. In other news being 22 is tough but its even tougher if you're Rita Ora since ever since she turned 22 all she's been doing is fighting. It started Sunday at the VMA's where Rita got into a little argument with Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars NENE leaks and Kenya Moore. They were broken up by security of course but NENE threatened Rita that its not over and obviously she kept her word. Why did they argue in the first place no one knows but them but ignorant sources say that its because Rita tried to flirt with NENE's new husband at the award show. Anyways today NENE and Kenya showed up at PSR and asked Tina politely if they can have a word with Rita, but politely Tina declined saying she's working but they can catch her when she goes to lunch at 1pm. They thanked her and left the label. But they waited. When 1 o clock came around Rita left the building with her bodyguards and they were across the street in a little store. They then walked across the street and approached her. Kenya said hey Rita and Rita and her bodyguards turned around and Rita said "what" NENE then said politely to her bodyguards "excuse me sir we just want to have a word with Rita in private for a second is that OK its girl stuff you wouldn't be interested in that anyway" his reply was that's her decision if I leave or not. Rita said its OK take a walk ill catch up. Him and the other bodyguard walked off. And as soon as they did Kenya said "so what was all that shit you was talking bitch say it now when no ones around with your scary ass" before Rita can speak NENE socked her and she fell and her and Kenya jumped her but Rita got up and it was a small metal pole nearby she picked it up and started hitting both of them with it and they both were on the ground and the bodyguards happened to look back and saw her beating them with the pole and they ran back and grabbed her. She was acting crazy and had anger tears rolling down her face and she spit on them while they laid there bleeding. Her bodyguards asked her what happened she told them and they called the police who arrived within 1 minute. An ambulance was called for NENE and Kenya and police took Rita's statement and let her go. They were both released less then an hour later with minor bruising and cuts and Kenya had a broken finger bone. They both refused to press charges on Rita and the case was closed. Someone caught half of the fight on video its very blurry but you can see what's going on. Click here to check out the video. The fight and the video made its way all over the news and its a huge topic. Rita NENE nor Kenya have been available for comment. Stay tuned for more info as this develops further. Also the other day we told you that Miley Cyrus may have a PSR tattoo and today she proved it true by showing it off proudly at a signing. Its on her inner wrist and it looks beautiful with nice 3D colors. She isn't the only one though.  Star Beauty Babydoll Kat Katy Perry RI RI Big Sean 2Chainz Future Nini Miranda Alexis Monica Monica Spears India Benet Tyga CICI Havana Brown Amy Christina Aguilera The two Beibers China and Carmen Amere all have been confirmed to have PSR tattoos somewhere on their bodies. That's what we call loyalty!

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