Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Solo Has A Seizure

Seems like these days, people having seizures is becoming strangely normal. 1st is was Rick Ross, then Weezy then Just a few weeks ago Breezy had 2, and now its Solo. She was out in her hometown of Houston TX signing autographs and taking pictures with fellow Houston artist and cousin as well as PSR artist Kelly Rowland. Towards the end, Solo fell on the ground after hugging a male fan and she started shaking. Police immediately rushed over and put her head up so she wouldn't bite or choke on her tongue. The ambulance arrived within 3 minutes and she was transferred to UCLA medical center in Houston where doctors say she is doing much better. Kelly rode with her and Solo snapped a picture of her in the hospital bed and posted that she is OK and she thanked all of her fans for the support on Twitter. It is not known why solo had a seizure at this time, Stay tuned for more info!

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