Monday, August 19, 2013

Beyonce Booed As Fans Wonder Where Is NiNi

When it comes to B, she is just as famous as her biggest competition, but apparently if she's not with the other queen, people are not having it as yesterday she performed at the V Festival in England and first she arrived 30 minutes late to the show leaving the crowd very pissed off in rainy and windy conditions, then even though the show was scheduled for both queens only one showed up and they booed at her for half the night before she actually turned it around and had them rock to her. Earlier she was asked where NiNi is and she denied any comments, and many fans feel that they paid for 2 performances and if NiNi wasn't going to be there, she should've charged less for the show, but her management insists that the artists have no say so in setting prices its the stadium owners who set prices. Regardless though, she ignored  the booing and she performed a total of 70 songs in over 70 minutes stretching songs from 2004- present and she also did a few of her collab songs with NiNi with her back track on a couple and her hologram on the others, so all in all after the beginning booing the crowd settled down and enjoyed themselves, but the question still remains, where is NiNi. Her artists have stated that they aren't too worried since this has happened before and she turned out to be OK, but they still say its always a worrying moment when the boss doesn't show up for work, especially when its something that she rarely does. Calls to her rep and management went unanswered. *UPDATE* NiNi has returned to work today, she was spotted going towards the PSR building, wearing all white with her shades and of course that red bull attached to her hand, but she refused to answer any questions about her whereabouts or any questions period. But NiNi is back, and honestly we cant say she looks too happy to be back, if I have more info for you guys, I will let you know!

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