Friday, August 30, 2013

NiNi Takes More Time Off + Is There A New Tupac Collab?

NiNi has confirmed over her website this morning that she is not quite ready to come back to work today, but she promised she will be back tomorrow no later then Sunday. She posted "getting some much needed Zs and relaxation I just don't feel up for work today but ill be back tomorrow if not tomorrow then definitely Sunday I know you cry babies can't live without me lol" see you soon queen!  Speaking of her a new song released today without a title it doesn't seem to be leaked it sounds very professional which we already know since the perfectionist nini will never allow her material to be leaked. The song has tupac and Kelly Rowland in it and no one seems to have heard any of the verses on older songs and it seems to be brand new verses which would mean a brand new song. Tupacs verse however is a old verse from the 1996 song "All Eyes On Me" but nini and Kelly's verse is unheard of. But nini nor Kelly made any announcement of a new song which is why we assume despite the fact that she is a perfectionist she's still human and maybe it did get leaked. But some say they actually have heard the verses they say Kelly's is from her 2009 song "Grown Woman" and ninis is from her 2010 song "Get Lost" we honestly don't see how they came to that conclusion being that we checked both songs and neither sounds like these verses so we conclude that these verses are new still some people swear up and down that its fan made so we'll let them go with that. The song is wonderful and although it doesn't have a title its blowing up receiving much radio play and great reviews from everywhere. Since there isn't a title associated with the song, the media is calling it "untitled" for the time being. We give the song a 10 and Nini may be looking at her new number one hit. Click here to check out "Untitled" by Nini Ft Tupac and Kelly Rowland.

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