Friday, August 23, 2013

North West Gets Revealed

Seems as if Kanye is trying to take the focus off of his reported assault on Kim and if that's what he is doing its working, as today he shared a picture of his baby girl NORTH on Grandma Kris's Talk show. This is the first time the world has seen their baby and the aww factor is very high that all his previous negatives just have been replaced with this gigantic positive. In the picture, the baby who looks just like Ye just lighter is staring into the camera as if she is confused and she is a little cutie. Ye spoke on Nini being a really good big cousin to her and he mentioned that she loves her already and cries when she has to leave and that already she is starting to take after her daddy and become a little bad ass. Click here to check out the video of Ye's interview with Grandma as well as the photo of  their cute little baby. In other news, yesterday, NiNi cancelled her show due to what she called "Exhaustion" But today she has confirmed she will be in Atlanta to perform with her buddy tonight at the royal palace from 9-12, only problem is we weren't expecting a show today so no one has tickets or even knows where to get them from, we will check for you guys and let you know!

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