Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shakira Accused Of Stealing NiNi's Song

This certainly isn't the first and it probably wont be the last time of someone being accused of ripping off one of NiNi's songs. Just last month PSR artist Kat was accused of ripping off NiNi's song "No Apologies" That was confirmed to be false, but now its a new person accused of stealing her song and that's Shakira. This time though we actually agree sort of on it basically because it just sounds too too similar to be a coincidence. The new song by NiNi "Cold World" is the hottest song out right now and for that reason its stuck in everyones head so when Shakira dropped her new song "Bombshell" many people began saying she stole NiNi's song. We don't even bother to check out stuff like this anymore as its always been confirmed to be false, but for some reason this time our curiosity was peaked and we checked it out and wow holy similar. The beat down to the lyrics sound almost identical minus the rap and hip hop beat. Shakira's version is switched to Pop/Mexican dance, but the original beat seems to still be heard underneath and it seems as if all she did was add her own style to it, and changed it here and there to make it hers. Then comes the lyrics, NiNi Solo and Meek speak about pretty rough things in the song mostly pertaining to the movie and no Shakira doesn't get gangsta with it, but it is some similarities in her lyrics on all 3 verses, and it seems as if she took out the parts she wanted and left the hardcore stuff, which in turn helped to create a song that actually sounds like it can be a remix to NiNi's song. Even PSR artists have been speaking up on Twitter saying the two songs can be related in some kind of way, in fact China though it was a remix when she first heard it, but she didn't hear NiNi in it and that's how she knew it wasn't, yes that's how similar it sounds. Shakira has been unavailable for comment, but if this turns out to be true, Shakira can be facing jail time or a very big fine for copyright if NiNi decides to sue but as long as NiNi has been here she never sued anyone she was always the one getting sued, seems as if she would rather just beat someones ass lol, but still,  whether NiNi sues her or not, Shakira can lose credibility as an artist and maybe lose fans as well. Did you guys hear Shakira's new song what do you think? Click here to check it out and compare for yourself!

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