Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nicki And Breezy Beef?

Breezy has made it quite clear that even though he's a man and he goes through so much criticism behind it he has no problem beefing with women. He showed that in his war with on and off again girlfriend Rihanna, he also showed that with his once upon a time lover Miss Jade and also showed that briefly with Monica while he was with PSR. Now he's at it again with Nicki. He is being compared to Ye but not in a good way they say he's annoying and he is always having rants now and starting with everyone and many feel its because he is going through so much and needs the extra attention. We believe this started because of a promise Nicki made saying she will perform with him on two nights for the first part of his tour, the  two were buddies and frequent collaborators so she had no problem with it, but for some reason when Breezy opened up Nicki wasn't there and he had to do it alone, he seemed OK but people knew he was gonna flip due to the fact he lost money and Nicki never told him she was cancelling and still to this day hasn't given a reason she just didn't, and the next day he made a statement out of nowhere saying "Everybody got their favorite they say who sexy and who not and one person that always comes up is Nicki, man its make up talk that girl without it and see if you have a change of heart don't let that ass fool you tho dude she got some of  the worst pussy in the world that shit feel like rotted marshmallows" Nicki responded saying "You fucking punk you wish you did get some of this, you a bitch my nigga step ya shit up, you got your Lil feelings hurt and then you wanna try and make someone elses feelings get hurt you cant do that to me boo boo and I don't need make up don't forget I chill with Ri Ri and I chilled with JADE both of them say you coming up too short where it really counts to be talking all ya shit my niggga so go somewhere and kick rocks" Breezy simply responded "Man those periods really be getting to girls don't they" No diss songs have been recorded yet, but sources say its severe bad tension between the two so much that they were about to fight when they bumped into each other in Cali this afternoon, but Nicki felt he wasn't worth it, stay tuned for more info! P.S Sorry about the comment section guys will have it back up and running by the next couple days

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