Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tension Rumors Confirmed By Hollywood To Be False

Today, Hollywood put an end to the rumors of sisterly tension between her two Knowles buddies, and she posted "I know pretty much everything especially things that's going on at the label and I can say with 100% certainty that there is no tension between them over Solange getting signed here, she's proud of her and she is happy for her, so I would like to not hear about this ever again thank you" Solo and B also confirmed it to be false, and B has reported that since early this year her and her baby sister has been much closer than in recent years. Pretty cool, but the real tension at PSR is only getting started and that's between Nicki and Breezy, we have been following that very closely and the two are beefing as bad as Tupac and Biggie or Princess and NiNi, YES that's really no exaggeration. The two had a full bloody Twitter war this morning and we all know who started it, and sources say that Nicki was not going to respond and that's clear as he was posting and it took her a full hour to post back but he kept going at it as if he was literally trying to get her to post back and when she did it wasn't pretty. She called him a mama's boy and said that she will kick his ass and then tell his mama she did it. He said her whole body is fake and the only people who wants her is people who believes her ass is real. She called him pathetic and told him to act his age and get a life instead of harassing people for attention over Twitter. The war continued for over 45 minutes and when it ended a story popped up that Nicki's bodyguard Kay Slay and a few members of Nicki's crew jumped Breezy somewhere in New York as he was scheduled to perform out there this afternoon. We don't know if that's true, but we do know that Breezy's management cancelled the show without warning shortly after the story broke. No one is speaking on if Breezy was jumped or not, and she said "He got jumped I hope he did, but if you're insinuating that it was me or my crew I doubt that" Breezy has been unavailable for comment and NiNi said she really doesn't know. Stay tuned for more info on this story!

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