Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NiNi On Oprah + NiNi Has Copiers

Every time NiNi releases an album or releases something that attracts many fans, her buddy Oprah has her on her show. And today NiNi was the main guest on her show to give an interview with her where she talked about her new album "My Sister's Keeper" as well as her new movie "Its A Cold World In These Streets" The interview lasted about an hour which honestly is NiNi's shortest interview she has ever done with Oprah as their  interviews usually require a special episode since they be so long. At the end she always performs her current biggest song at the time, and right now that song is 'Cold Word" and she performed that song with Solange and Meek Mill and it was totally mind blowing, all the fans were out their seats and even Oprah had to catch her breath for a second as she said quote "I cant breathe right now" The performance was followed by some autographs from all 3 and the audience members who had a copy of her new album got that signed as well. She also spoke on other things like developments at PSR, her party earlier this month, her new artists such as Solo and what everyone is up to, as well as what she has been up to since Russel handed her the head boss title and her new plans for the game. The interview made its way onto Youtube and you can click here to check it out! In other news, one thing that NiNi has is swag, even on her worst day she can still make herself look like its her best day with the way she dresses, and being that her style is so popular many people are copying her style, literally. The kids are one which is something you're going to expect, but I'm not talking about the kids I'm referring to grown women and even grown homosexual men are dressing like her and all of her fans are beginning to swag it out like her. But the media says that lately a lot of celebrities seem to be copying her as well, for example Alicia Keys was spotted rocking a Gucci dress with diamonds sewn all throughout, NiNi wears something exactly something like that a lot as her favorite designer is Gucci. She also had her had wet and wavy with bangs in the front and a mini bun in the back which is exactly how NiNi wears her hair most of the time. Not only that but instead of waving like most celebs NiNi mostly throws the piece sign at people which is 2 fingers, and now almost every celebrity ones who didn't do that at all before are throwing her famous piece sign exactly the way she does it. Fans are less than amused so if they think that that's going to get them more fans or more popular they are mistaken as fans are calling them biters. Some people who have been accused of copying NiNi from her head down to her toes down to her style include Mariyah Carey (Hair Piece Sign also some outfits) Weezy (Piece sign eye wink which she does also) Drake (Piece sign eye wink) Shanel (Outfits hair piece sign) Rita Ora (PIECE SIGN HAIR OUTFITS) Tamar Braxton (Piece sign hair) Janel Monae (Laugh, outfit piece sign) Yolanda Adams (Piece sign hair) China (Piece sign hair outfits) Tina Knowles (Piece Sign) and Meagan Good (Hair Outfits Piece sign eye wink) Selena Gomez (Outfits, Hair, Eye wink) Nicki Minaj (Piece sign eye wink) Mystikal (Eye Wink, Piece Sign) All of these people never did these things until NiNi started doing them, which is why they are being called biters, how about you guys do you feel that everyone is jacking NiNi's swag and style?

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